Superpowers for your Evernote

Use spreadsheet formulas in tables to make quick calculations in your notes.

Formulate works in the cloud. Whenever you edit a table in one of your notes, the formulas are recalculated.


Please mind, that Formulate is in beta.

Formulas you know

Formulate uses Excell - like formula syntax. To make a calculation, just use =A1+B2+B3*B4 or similar formula in any cell of your table.

In your Evernote tables you can now use SUM(A1:G34) formula to calculate the sum of cells or AVG(A1:G34) to calculate avarage value.

Read more in the manual »

Right in your notes

Formulate operates in the cloud, syncing with your notes. Every time you edit a note with Formulate tag in any of your Evernote clients (Web, Android, iOS, Windows...) and sync, the formulas get recalculated.

You want to keep a record of your car's mileage, your trip's expenses or assess your savings? Just use a table.

Formulate will do the math for you.

We do the math. For free.

Formulate works in the cloud. You do not need any extra app, website do visit daily or any extra effort.

Everything for free without any extra conditions.

If you want to keep Formulate running, please Donate or if you want to add any functionality - Fork me on Github